History of Ludo Game and Related Story | History of Ludo game and some stories related to it

It is written in the Bhagavad Gita, life is a game and playing is our religion. In ancient India, sports were given more importance. India is a country where God himself used to play sports. Yes, today we are going to tell you about such a board game. Which are popular all over the world. Many western countries claim that they have invented this game, but this game is related to ancient India. Let us know about the interesting information related to the history of Ludo, the major game played on the board games .


You know this game well. Ludo is the most famous game of today. You must have played this game at some time or the other. If we go to find the roots of this game, then we come across the mythological epic Mahabharata, the event in which the Pandavas put Draupadi at stake.

Ludo was known as “Pachisi” at that time. The reason for the war of Mahabharata was this game of twenty five. Not only in Mahabharata, but also in Hindu mythology, there is mention of twenty five. There are stories related to almost all Hindu Gods and Goddesses related to twenty five.

In one example, Shri Krishna is seen playing this game with Satyabhama. There is also a belief that this game was played by Mata Parvati and Shiva on Mount Kailash.

The earliest mention of twenty-five in history is found in the court of Akbar, the most influential king of the Mughal Sultanate in the 16th century, he built a huge twenty-five board in the court of Fatehpur Sikri. Where they used to use their maids as pawns in sports. And used to enjoy the game of twenty five in a great way. According to research conducted on this game, this game is more than 2000 years old. In Mysore alone, this game is played in ten ways, so you can imagine how many ways it would have been played all over India.

This game has 15 to 20 different names. We are also known as Pagade, Pachisi, Chowpad, Chausad, Daykatam, Soktam and Verges etc. Four players play in Pachisi. But due to the king of the south, many changes took place in this game.

In the 19th century, the king of Mysore, Krishnaraja Vodiyar III, had four wives and more than 22 slaves and wanted to play a game of twenty-five with all his wives. Therefore, he created a board consisting of twenty five with 6 players. And later on, he got twenty-eight with 8, 12 and 16 players so that he could play this game with all his maids as well.

Maharaja Wodiyar did not stop just that, he made many changes in this game. He changed the form of this game by adding morality to the board of twenty five. According to deeds at different positions in it, the next life of man has been imagined as if you do good deeds, you will get the throne in the next life. Maharaja Wodiyar associated the game with religion and character.

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