Ludo game rules in hindi Ludo Game Rules

Ludo Game Rules – Ludo is a very popular game among people of all ages and classes. It does not require any wide field, but it can be played in a small corner of the house. Special equipment is not required for this. Only a cardboard or plastic board, called a Ludo-board, requires bunnies and dice.

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Four colors (red, yellow, green, blue) are made on the four corners of the board. The players keep their gontis on them. The other side of the board has a path for the gontis. Stops are built from place to place on this road. This stop holds its special significance, because if the player brings his piece to this place, the other player cannot beat him.

In this game, gontis are of four colors. Each color consist of four numbers in the number. Each player need to plays with four gontis. In this way, there are total of 16 gontis. Along with the gontis, there is a dice, which is cubic in shape. It consists of six pages. It has special significance in this game. With this help, this Ludo game progresses. The dice determine how far the gontis can be move. It is generally made of plastic or wood. One, two, three, four, five and six dots are made on its sides respectively. When the dice is cast, one page of it must remain on top of its side. As many points are mentioned on the side, the same number of pieces go ahead in the game progress.

Ludo Kaise Khele 

I general we are playing with four players in Ludo. There are two conditions to play with this Ludo game. All four players can play separately or by making pairs of two players. The methods of the two are almost the same with a slight difference. Both the players of one side sit face to face in pairs. All four players need to choose their gonties, which are based on colors.

When the four players are different 

In this case the game is played as follows-

 1. After starting the game, with the help of dice, determine which Ludo player will be the first player.
 2. in this geme Gontis will be run as clockwise direction.
 3. Each player can open their ball only after six points of dice.  Whenever if it comes six to three times then the player can’t play a single play term. He has to wait for its second term of play game.
 4. Any player can’t move his piece on the path of victory gate, unless at least one of the other players has beaten.
 5. The player whose gontis first reach the victory gate, the same player is considered victorious.

Couples playing together when they play together

The game is played with the following changes:

 1. Players whose pairs are made, they cannot beat each other. Together, they can beat the band of opponents.
 2. If the player wants, he can double it by placing a piece on his partner’s piece to avoid the opposition pair.
 3. In this victory or defeat is considered as both players. Both of them will be considered victorious only when they reach the victory gate. If one group gets out and the other partner’s player reaches the victory gate, then both will be defeated.
 4. If required, a player can move his partner’s knot based on his moves.
 5. If the dough is doubled, it can be separated only by bringing it to a stop.

Ludo game rules Ludo game rules – Ludo game ke niyam

 1. If six falls in the dice, the player gets one extra move.
 2. If the goat stops at the stop or doubles, no other player can beat it.
 3. If the gontis have been doubled, then it can be run only when the number is equal to 2, 4, 6.
 4. If six falls in the dice three times in a row, the player’s move ends.
 5. The player can open his can only when it comes to six.
 6. If a player’s piece is erased, it can be played only after playing from the beginning.
 7. A box should be used to throw the dice. This maintains fairness.

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