Ludo King: Mostly you lose while playing Ludo, so follow these winning tips and tricks

Due to the lockdown people are passing time by staying in their homes and playing games. In this, online Ludo King is very much in discussion these days. Let’s know its winning tips and tricks

The corona crisis is taking place across the country, including all india. There has been a nationwide lockdown on prevention of hybridization. In such a situation, most of the people are trying to do something by staying in the houses, so that their time is passed. Many people are keeping themselves busy after learning things like cooking, petting, home decorating, and some are preferring to play online games for fun activities in the family.

There is a lot of discussion these days Ludo King

Talking about online games, Ludo King is very much in discussion these days. It seems to be discussed a lot on social media. You can play it both online and offline. There are many advantages of playing online, you can play it with your friend or family member sitting far away. For this you just have to connect them to this game. You must have seen its request on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Special tricks to win from Ludo Expert

When it comes to the popular game, obviously there will be many experts in it, in which the game has more expert players, it is very difficult to win at times. In this way, some ludo expert player told some special tricks to win this game. Earlier he said that, there are many times when you are constantly losing the game. Points are also lost due to continuous defeats, in such a situation, you must be aware of the tricks and tips of this game. Although Ludo is a game that is also based on luck, the game strategy is still necessary, as the game does not have fun until it is won.

Follow these tricks while playing Ludo

– The first focus is on taking out the pieces of the game.

Before becoming Ludo King, it is important to understand the nuance of this game. As soon as the game starts, the first focus of the player should be on getting all his pieces out of the house. This is possible only when you bring 6. During this time, just keep your focus on your pieces and in this way your chances of winning will be made.

– keep moving

While playing Ludo you should focus on all the pieces of your game. To win the game, it is most important that all your pieces are active. Also, keep increasing the pieces which are away from the other player’s bundle. Because many of us do not give much importance to the pieces that the player in front of them is eyeing, he can kill that piece as soon as he gets a chance.

Keep a special focus on beat your opponent’s pieces

While playing Ludo, your focus should not only be on entering the house of victory but more than that you should concentrate on hitting the opponent’s pieces. In such a situation, whenever you get a chance, you should keep hitting your opponent’s pieces more than moving your house towards home.

-Try to keep the antagonist on the block

The most important thing is that your moves should be set in such a way that your opponent player’s movements are blocked. When your GoT is close to entering the house of victory, be most aware that your opponent is eyeing your GoT. In such a situation, proceed with your wisdom wisely. If possible, block the opponent’s knuckle with your other knuckles.

-Avoid taking risk

Avoid taking the risk while moving the pieces which are about to enter the house. Decide that you have scattered your pieces everywhere on the board and now proceed with them wisely. In the meantime increase the pieces that are less likely to be bitten by the opponent.

– collect free coins

While playing Ludo King, you keep collecting all your free coins. With this you can keep your game entertaining for a long time. 

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